Albuquerque Attractions

When some people think of New Mexico they usually think of hot burning deserts and cactus plants. While not being too far from a true picture of the landscape, once visitors step into Albuquerque, however, they'll think they entered a large city's cultural environment with plenty of events and places of interest to visit.

Cultural presentations, parks and other fascinating attractions beacon to residents and tourists alike from one end to another in the city of Albuquerque. Let's have a look below at the very many alluring places that make this city a place of destination and interest for so many people all year around.

Whether it's any one of 14 world-class golf course parks, a train ride along the Rio Grande or even a tour of the aquatic environment found in the Gulf of Mexico via a world-class aquarium, there's something for everyone in this fabulous Southwestern city just north of the Texas border.

Art Galleries and Art Studios

More than 100 art galleries and art studios give this city a wide variety of fine art, authentic Southwestern jewelry, pottery crafts and fascinating displays of contemporary arts and crafts to offer its visitors. Naturally, being consecutively ranked as a favorite arts destination by “American Style” Magazine helps make this an all year around event for cultural events.

Cultural and Historical Museums

With over 19 museums and cultural centers spread throughout the city, you'll not get bored anytime soon as you take in the cultural attractions and events offered all year long. A visit to the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center or any other of the numerous centers will quickly immerse you in the art and culture of this region.

Hot-Air Balloon Excursions

Being the world's capital for hot-air balloon experiences makes this famed region a destination choice for those wanting to go up, up and away into the blue skies over magnificent desert panoramas.

Theaters and Nightlife

Albuquerque proudly boasts of not only having a thriving performing arts environment with regular performances at local theaters but numerous festivals as well.

Don't worry about getting bored in this city: endless nights of entertainment venues are at your call. Restaurants, lounges, casinos catering to those who like gaming activities such as bingo, poker, roulette, and slot machines are sure to keep you entertained. Plan now for your next or return visit to Albuquerque, and get ready to experience New Mexico as you've never imagined it before.